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Alumni Testimonials

Since 2012, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has trained over 1,500 progressive candidates, staffers and activists. Check out some of our trained alumni from all across the country. Then apply to join them!


Clint Bryant, City Councilor, Saginaw, Michigan

“Very intensive. Very informative. Phenominal facilitators!”

Bonnie Watson coleman, Congresswoman, NJ-12

"[The PCCC] helped me with the training that I participated in in Washington. You helped me on the ground. And your people were calling on my behalf. And we’re just really grateful. We think this is a progressive district, and having you on our side helped us to get over the finish line."



melissa sargent, wisconsin State Assemblywoman, District 48

“PCCC's training empowered me and re-energized me, as well as providing me with new tools and networks to better fight boldly and apologetically.”

I’m a veteran of seven election cycles, and I received one of the most strategic and explicit trainings about fundraising I’ve ever received.
— Terri Austin, State Representative, Indiana District 36


Featured Alumni

Nanette Barragán, U.S. Representative, CA-44

Jennifer Berkey, State Representative, NY

Selene Colburn, State Representative, VT

Pat Davis, City Councilor, Albuquerque, NM

James Diossa, Mayor, City Falls, RI

Dave Doucette, City Councilor, Marlborough, MA

Luke Feeney, Mayor, Chillocothe, OH

Noel Frame, State Representative, WA

Bob Gibeling, State Representative, GA

Edie Hooton, State Represenative, CO

Patrick Hope, State Delegate, VA

Dominique Jackson, State Representative, CO

Meghan Kallman, City Councilor, Pawtucket, RI

Chris Larson, State Senator, WI

Mark Levine, State Delegate, VA

Brenda Lopez, State Represenative, GA

Mark MacKenzie, U.S. Representative, NH

Joy Maloney, School Board Member, Ashburn, VA

Becky McBeath, State Representative, CT

Ilhan Omar, State Representative, MN

Jamie Raskin, U.S. Representative, MD

Renitta Shannon, State Representative, GA

Thomas Small, City Councilor, CA

Ted Terry, Mayor, Clarkston, GA

Chip Troiano, State Representative, VT

Dana Wachs, State Assemblywoman, WI

Trayon White, City Councilor, DC