National Candidate Training

State Candidate Trainings

State candidate Trainings

Are you running for office in New Jersey, North Carolina or Virginia? We're offering intensive trainings in New Brunswick, Raleigh, and Fairfax for progressive candidates like you!

The State Candidate Trainings cover the A to Zs of running for office, including identifying donors, hiring experienced staff, winning local endorsements, earning great press, motivating volunteers and more.

It’s a valuable opportunity for all candidates, regardless of experience level.

But most importantly, you will meet other progressive candidates in your state and gain an understanding of yourself as part of something larger.  We’re not just training candidates in the nuts and bolts; we’re building a movement -- in your backyard!


New Brunswick, New Jersey

Saturday April 8th

North Carolina Icon.png


Sat May 13th - SUN may 14th





Fairfax, Virginia

Saturday may 20th