National Candidate Training

National Candidate Training

In 2019, we’re taking our National Candidate Training on the road to 10 states, offering 2-days of campaign training, exclusively for progressives.

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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( is taking our National Candidate Training on the road. Local, state, and federal candidates will converge in each of the following locations for two days of cutting-edge training and networking:

  • Dallas, Texas: February 23 - February 24

  • Richmond, Virginia: March 8 - March 10

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: April 6 - April 7

  • Concord, New Hampshire: May 18 - May 19

  • Charlotte, North Carolina: June 29 - June 30

  • Orlando, Florida: July 27 - July 28

  • Phoenix, Arizona: August 24 - August 25

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: September 21 - September 22

  • Columbus, Ohio: October 19 - October 20

  • Detroit, Michigan: November 16 - November 17

These free trainings will cover the A to Z’s of running for office, including pivoting to core message from curveball questions, having presence in the room, expanding your donor list, hiring experienced staff, winning local endorsements, earning great press, motivating volunteers, polling, and more.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to take professional headshots, have campaign logos designed, and build a website with our experts. It’s a valuable opportunity for all candidates, regardless of experience level.

In addition, candidates will meet other progressives from across their state -- expanding your network within the progressive community.

Training Features

Curriculum will include

• Calculate your win number
• Map your networks and research your donors
• Make the hard ask for money
• Earn free media for your race
• Learn what messages poll the best
• And more...

ResourceS will include

• Our exclusive Running For Office Guide
• Photo booth for professional headshots
• Work with a designer to get your own personalized logo
• Work with a designer to get your website up and running


Cost: Free for Candidates and Potential Candidates

Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. We encourage attendees to stay with friends and supporters in the area. We also have limited lodging scholarships available to qualifying candidates. In addition to the training and access to the resources, each attendee will also receive a copy of our Running for Office guide and a T-shirt — free!

NCT has been crucial to my candidacy — preparing me to deal with press, showing me how to raise money online, and connecting me with other progressive candidates in Georgia.
— Renitta Shannon, House Representative, Georgia District 84